Ethan Luts

Linux Cloud Admin/Operations

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I love working with Linux and enjoy programming in Go in my free time. I'm most passionate about systems and how they work(and break) at scale. I spend a lot of time tinkering and breaking things in the quest to keep learning!


Linux Cloud Administration

Expertise with Linux related operating systems such as RedHat, CentOS, and Ubuntu.


Expertise with monitoring solutions in the Cloud.


Experienced in deploying on multiple Cloud platforms such as AWS and GCP.


  • AWS Technologies: EC2, Route53, ELB, etc.
  • Monitoring tools: Prometheus, Zabbix, Cloudwatch, Stackdriver
  • Containerization/Deployment: Docker, Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, Packer
  • IaC tools such as Terraform, Ansible
  • Golang, Bash, C#
  • Angular2.0, Jquery
  • Git, Github / Bitbucket
  • Windows 10
  • Linux (CentOS, Ubuntu)


Deploying Kubernetes with Monitoring on GCP

A project to demonstrate my interests and learn!


Tasked with deploying an end-to-end deployment pipeline on GCP using GitHub triggers, Cloud Container Builder, and multiple Kubernetes clusters. To accomplish this, each environment (qa, staging, prod) had its own dedicated kubernetes cluster where each cluster's manifest files were located in their assigned GitHub repositories. Each repo represented each environment.

Once this was all up and running, I set up cluster monitoring with Prometheus and visual dashboards with Grafana.

AWS Cloud Administration

Personalized Website


My personal website/resume is currently hosted on AWS. This makes use of a variety of AWS technologies including EC2, Route53, and AWS Certificate Manager to deploy SSL/TLS certificates. The website itself is hosted on a LNMP to make use of NGINX.

Apparent Systems Inc. Internship

Virtual Reality Unity3D


After attending Epicodus, I had an internship at a company located in Portland called Apparent Systems. The internship was a bit out of my comfort zone and was a change of pace compared to what I had been doing previously. The end goal of this internship was to produce a game with Unity3D and release it to the Apple app store.


Epicodus, Portland, OR

C# Cohort, focus on web & mobile development

Ethan Luts — — (619) - 876-7953